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Our Team

Throughout our family Business, our focus is on delivering the highest standards of service and care to our valued clients. We look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.

General Haulage
Laurence Bassett & Tony Norvall
t: 01782 371012
e: traffic@bassett-group.co.uk

Phil Cheadle & James Locker
t: 01782 371017
e: palletforce@bassett-group.co.uk

Customer Service
Christina Murray & Adam Truman
t: 01782 371025
e: palletforce@bassett-group.co.uk

Driver De-brief/Customer Service
Michelle Raisbeck
t: 01782 371023
e: michelle@bassett-group.co.uk

Admin/POD Queries
Anne Cooke, Sylvia Hulme, Becky Pickford & Pam Warrilow
t: 01782 371013
e: invoicingadmin@bassett-group.co.uk

Ian Williams & Martyn Owen
t: 01782 371016
e: warehousing@bassett-group.co.uk

Driver Training
Terry Lane & Kath Jones
t: 01782 371018
e: training@bassett-group.co.uk

Vehicle Maintenance
Paul Manser
t: 01782 371020
e: workshop@bassett-group.co.uk

Quality/Health & Safety
Chris Simpkins
t: 01782 371005
e: info@bassett-group.co.uk

Martin Lean
t: 01782 371008
e: accounts@bassett-group.co.uk

Human Resources
Claire Bassett
t: 01782 371003
e: claire@bassett-group.co.uk