Driver Training

Stages to Becoming an LGV Driver

  • Obtain Forms D2 and D4 (available from Bassett's) to apply for your provisional licence.
  • Arrange a medical, and ask the GP to complete form D4. Bassett's can book this for you, at a special discounted rate.
  • Send Forms D2 (Provisional Licence Application) and D4 (Medical) to DVLA, with your current driving licence.
  • When you receive your provisional licence, arrange a driving assessment with Bassett's Transport Training, and book your theory tests (link to "Theory and Hazard Perception Tests"). Bassett's can book these for you, if you wish.
  • When you have passed your theory tests, book your practical driver training (link to "Practical Training") with Bassett's Transport Training. You may also need to book a CPC Practical Demonstration Test if you passed your car test after 1st January 1997.
  • Complete your practical driver training course and test, to obtain your Category C1 or C licence.
  • If you have completed a Category C Test, you can now train to drive a Category C+E vehicle. Provisional Category C+E entitlement will automatically be shown on your new licence, with your Category C entitlement, when it is returned from DVLA.