Driver Training

Practical Training Course and Test

Bassett's Transport Training will schedule your practical driver training course, at a mutually agreeable time, and will book a driving test, which will normally take place on the last day of the course. Practical driver training for all on-road courses with Bassett's Transport Training is conducted on a one instructor to one trainee basis.

The practical driving test will take approximately 1½ hours. The test fee is £115 for week-day tests, and £141 for those conducted on a Saturday. Candidates must have passed their theory tests, before a practical driving test can be undertaken.

Bassett's Tittensor Depot is approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) as an examination site for LGV driving tests. We have a dedicated on-site manoeuvring area for our driver training candidates, and DSA Examiners come to our site to conduct the majority of LGV practical driving tests, enabling candidates to train and be tested from the same site - a service which is unique to Bassett's Transport Training in the local area.

On successful completion of the practical driving test, you can exchange your provisional entitlement licence for a full entitlement licence through DVLA. Provisional Category C+E entitlement will be shown on the new licence automatically. You can then proceed to Category C+E training, if desired.


Test Failure and Re-Test

Should a trainee not meet the required standard, further instruction (if required) and a re-test can be arranged. The instruction and test time is charged on a per-hour basis, and the amount of instruction required will vary according to the trainee's requirements. Please contact Bassett's Transport Training for further details.