Driver Training

Theory Tests

There are two parts to the theory test: Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception. The tests can normally be booked for the same day (subject to availability) or taken on different days, if you wish. Both parts must be passed before a practical test can be taken.

To pass the Multiple Choice Test, you must correctly answer 85 of 100 questions, in the allowed time of 2 hours. The answers to all the questions are contained in the book "The Official Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles". The cost of this test is £26.

The topics covered by the theory test are:

  • Vehicle, weights and dimensions
  • Carrying passengers
  • Accident handling
  • Leaving the vehicle
  • Restricted view
  • Environmental issues
  • Drivers' hours and rest periods
  • Attitude and alertness
  • Braking systems, speed limits and overtaking
  • Safety and hazard awareness
  • Vehicle condition
  • Vehicle loading
  • Windy weather and heavy rain
  • Traffic signs

The Hazard Perception Test consists of 19 film clips (18 clips containing 1 scoreable hazard and 1 clip containing 2 scoreable hazards) of real road scenes containing potential hazards. When watching the clips, you respond by clicking the mouse button as soon as you become aware of a hazard. The pass mark is 67 out of a possible 100, and the allowed time is 45 minutes. The cost of this test is £11

Mock Theory Tests are available on the DSA website (link to or free of charge from Bassett's Transport Training.

The following books will help you to prepare for your Theory Test:

  • The Highway Code
  • Driving Goods Vehicles
  • Know your Traffic Signs
  • The Official Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles