Road Haulage

Presentation of Goods

presentation of goods

To ensure the safe transit of our customers’ freight, all goods should be presented to us in a safe and secure condition for transport, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Goods should be loaded on to a robust pallet, which is suitable for transportation. Where tail lift delivery is required, pallets with 4-way access should be used, and each pallet should weigh a maximum of 1000KG.
  • All items should be uniformly stacked, and should not overhang the pallet. They should be suitably secured to the pallet, with shrink wrap or banding. Shrink wrap should enclose all visible sides of the goods, and the pallet itself.
  • Fragile goods should be suitably packaged and protected for transit, with particular attention paid to outer edges and protruding parts. ‘Fragile’ labels should be applied to the outer packaging.
  • Each pallet should be clearly labelled with:
    • Customer’s name
    • Delivery address, including postcode
    • Transit Instruction labels (eg ‘Fragile’ or ‘Do not Double Stack’ etc.)
    • Hazardous goods labels (for limited quantity or ADR freight)
  • Each consignment should be accompanied by a 2 part delivery note, which specifies:
    • Name and address of consignee, including postcode.
    • Required delivery date and time (for timed deliveries)
    • Pallet quantity & total consignment weight
    • Description of goods and number of items
    • Any special delivery instructions


Standard Pallet Dimensions:

  • Full Pallet: 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m high. Maximum weight 1000KG
  • Half Pallet: 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m high. Maximum weight 500KG

We also offer an oversized pallet delivery service, and quarter pallet rates to some areas. Please contact us for further details.